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Monday, October 06, 2003

The Return 

And so here I am back at Blogspot. It is where I started blogging, over two years ago. Where I put up my first site meter and shared my life.

Of course, within a short while, I made ( sortof) my own template, upgraded to BloggerPro and eventually moved on to MT. In putting my life- for the most part- on-line, I lost my anonymity. Which of course I wanted. At the time.

But now life is taking odd turns, has dangerous and bizarre undertones which I can't mention at my site. I'm not very sure that he doesn't go there, or could go there or might go there. After all, I used his computer last summer to update my blog. I know in the past he read my diaries.

And so, a few weeks before my 46th birthday, I find myself hiding from my father.
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